Sarah Shaw - mediumship, psychic and complementary therapies


Westbourne Whispers strives to assist individuals with life guidance, self-awareness, healing processes or connecting with spirit.

Psychic work: Sarah’s readings are generally guided by the Tarot. The Tarot is an excellent tool for pinpointing issues of the past, personal obstacles, future influences, potential future outcomes or life guidance. Sarah is a natural intuitive and along with her spirit guides they connect with the clients’ higher self and their spirit guides to assist in unlocking true potential and to illuminate the next part of the clients personal journey. This leaves them with knowledge of what needs to be developed and strengthen. The end result time and time again is self-empowerment, a sense of enlightenment and therapy.

Psychic sessions can be one to one in person, Skype or Face Time and by phone (which is just as strong), or there is the option of an email reading.

Mediumship: Sarah promotes the confirmation and validation that once our physical body dies our spirit lives on and that our loved ones are still connected to us. She takes her work seriously, treating it with the utmost integrity and respect to help connect the client with loved ones in the spirit world to bring comfort, peace and perhaps some closure. Sarah connects with her spirit guides who assist her to connect with your spirit guides, friends and family. Sarah is passionate about raising the standards of mediumship and strives to provide good evidence that leaves her client in no uncertain terms which loved one was present during the reading.

Reiki Therapy: Energy Healing, Universal life force. Rei - means God, Creator or spirit… everything you see, smell, touch, hear, feel is ‘Rei’; you are a part of it, you are ‘Rei’. Ki - means energy or power. It supplies us with our life force energy.

What is it? What does it feel like? What can it treat?

Reiki is a form of hands on/off healing which can be used to alleviate both physical and emotional pain. “Life Energy” flows through the practitioner’s hands onto the recipient’s body to heal them physically, mentally and spiritually. It is non-invasive and very gentle and is considered a Complementary therapy by the Government and other organisations. Reiki practitioners cannot diagnose medical conditions nor can they be considered a replacement for medical advice.

Treatment sensations are individual and can vary greatly, but a common sensation is a deep feeling of relaxation, peace and wellbeing. Reiki can have a positive impact on a variety of illnesses and negative conditions such as Stress.

Sarah Shaw - life guidance, self-awareness, healing processes or connecting with spirit

About Sarah

Sarah Shaw is a healing practitioner and psychic medium working in Somerset, South West England.

Sarah is a natural sensitive and has always felt spirit nearby plus the inclination to help people where possible. Sarah is a calm and relaxing spiritual person to be with for your session who focuses entirely on what is best for you.

Sarah worked for five years developing her psychic and mediumistic abilities with Kim Blair of Biggin Hill, Kent, UK (who was in turn trained by Tony Stockwell). Sarah has since moved to Somerset to run her mediumship, psychic and healing practice and an Academy in Somerton.

Sarah gained degrees at Lancaster University in the ‘90s and a teaching qualification (PGCE) at Greenwich University in 2010. She was a Police Officer and Police Trainer for the Metropolitan Police Service in London for many years prior to returning to her roots in Somerset to pursue her spiritual path.

She has gained her QTLS status (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills) and is a member of the Society for Education and Training (SET).

Sarah is attuned to Usui Reiki & Tera-Mai Seichem Teacher Master Level. She also volunteers as a Reiki Therapist for St. Margaret’s Hospice in Yeovil. She is an Associate Member of ‘The Confederation of Healing Organisations’ and is guided by the UK Healers Code of Conduct and also a Member of the Spiritual Workers Association and is guided by the SWA Code of Conduct for all her spiritual work.

She has also been trained in Soul Midwifery and the Runes, as a divinatory and healing tool, and is passionate about her Spirit Art. Sarah is currently training as a Crystal Therapist with Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy and will be offering Crystal Therapy Sessions very soon.

Sarah is an experienced dowser and was voted in as the Secretary of the Somerset Dowsers within her first month of returning to Somerset in 2015, she is a core member and is proactive in the running of the group.

Sarah is fully insured with Balens for all aspects of her work.

Sarah is proud to offer Workshops, Courses, Local Development Groups and Reiki Attunements through her Academy. She is very excited to be able to share her experiences, knowledge and wisdom in her specialised areas of Intuitive work; at present they are The Tarot, Mediumship and Reiki.

Sarah Shaw - psychic medium working in Somerset, South  West England


Sarah is currently on sabbatical and will update her website when she is able to take on new clients, and schedule in future courses.

Sarah Shaw - mediumship or psychic consultation and reiki


Westbourne Whispers Academy – Somerton
Train with Sarah, a fully qualified teacher
and experienced psychic, medium and dowser.


Workshops, Courses & Reiki Attunements

Courses 2018

  • 1st June 2018 – Reiki One Attunement/Course (£130) (Spaces available)
  • Saturday 16th June 2018 - Intermediate & Advanced Tarot Workshop (£45) (Spaces available)
  • Saturday & Sunday 28th & 29th July - Introduction to Mediumship (£90) (Full)

All Courses will be held from 10am-4pm in Somerton. Further details on booking.
All courses require a £20 non-refundable deposit to secure your place on booking.  
Places are limited to a maximum of 4 persons per course.
Cash or payment via online banking.

Anyone interested in the Workshops advertised please text or phone 07703660884.

Local Development Group

The aim of this development group is to allow you time and tools to be able to focus on your personal journey, to be more connected with your intuition, your guides, your purpose and direction in life; plus to hook up with some pretty cool likeminded folk. Spaces are strictly limited due to space availability.

The development group for 2019.

  • January - Weds 30th
  • March - Thursday 7th
  • April - Tuesday 16th
  • May - Wednesday 15th
  • June - Thursday 6th
  • July - Tuesday 9th
  • August - Tuesday 20th
  • Oct & Nov - To be agreed

7.15pm meet for a 7.30pm start - finishing at 9.30pm.
£6 per session - pay as you go.

Anyone interested in the development group please text or phone me on 07703660884.

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Sarah Shaw - mediumship or psychic consultation and reiki


What the people say…


“I had a tarot card reading with Sarah this evening, she gave me great clarity regarding two areas of my life that I’m equally frustrated with! She was very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable and welcome to ask further questions during my card reading. I would definitely recommend this lovely lady for a Tarot reading and I am very pleased to have found her!” Issie


“I had a session with Sarah as I needed some insight regarding a future project, I was given way more than I could’ve ever expected. She told me within minutes that I was a twin, followed by a accurate insight into present events, with knowledge of past and massive positive project towards the up and coming months. Lovely lady with a calm nature and an enormous talent. Many thanks Sarah from Chris and family.”


“I was at a crossroads with what was best for both my family life and career path and went to Sarah for a Tarot card reading to give me insight as to what may occur with the impending changes ahead in my life. I’d heard only great reviews and knew she had a real talent; but I really did not expect her to get literally everything so accurate about me and my life. It was astonishing how she read my soul in front of me and I honestly cannot recommend her enough. She is a warm, loving and friendly person who will make your experience very welcoming throughout. No questions asked and everything she says is evidence based. Very special and unforgettable experience. Hugely impressed.” Natalie


“Sarah was very warm and welcoming and her reading made a lot of sense. I came away feeling much more positive. I would highly recommend a visit to see her. I look forward to seeing her again in the future. Such a lovely kind person with great empathy x” Claire


“I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough X This lady has an amazing talent, it has truly changed and opened my world to the bigger picture xx” Rachel


“I’ve just got back from a fantastic reading from the lovely Sarah, I can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed and content! Absolutely amazing, definitely focused me! Thank you again Sarah XxX” Jo


“I’ve visited Sarah twice now; once for a tarot reading and for a Reiki. Sarah is welcoming and friendly and immediately put me at ease. Her room is warm and cosy and I got a lot out of both sessions. Sarah was very insightful and clearly has a gift. I’d highly recommend her.” Melissa


“Went to see Sarah and we’ve done the Tarot Card reading. I am speechless that all card reading is really just literally at exact details of what had happened from the past, the current event and most importantly has gave me an idea of what could I do to carefully plan my future. Highly recommendable.” Mary


Skype/Facetime Tarot readings

“I highly recommend Sarah who I have known for many, many years now. Sarah certainly has a gift and makes you feel relaxed and at ease right away. After the tarot card reading I felt very reassured about the future and more confident and focussed I was amazed at how much Sarah could see of the past, present and future. I look forward to the next reading.” Nancy


Email Tarot readings

“Had an amazing email reading from Sarah @ Westbourne Whispers. A true spot on reading, I didn’t ask any questions and was all relevant! I wanted to know about work and the whole reading was about that! All guidance that is reassuring for me, even knowing that selling my silver car was the right thing to do!! I highly recommend having a reading, Sarah will not disappoint. Thanks again” Lauren R


“Amazing! My email reading was very accurate and left me feeling positive and encouraged. The past and present aspects of the reading were spot on, so I’m confident the future part will be too. Sarah is a talented and gifted lady. I highly recommend her.” Vicky


Phone Tarot readings

“I had a phone reading with Sarah and within the first five minutes I knew it would be amazing, from the outset I felt as though she knew me and at the end that we were kind of friends. I have so much more clarity with my life now and feel like I have been given an inner strength to carry on with the road that I have chosen. I will definitely contact Sarah again and I highly recommend her. If you need help finding your way or just to be reassured that you are doing the right thing, give her a call.” Jackie B


“Sarah had a lovely calm and reassuring way about her which put me at ease from the moment I contacted her via phone. I decided to see Sarah after going through a difficult period as I wanted to see what the future might hold. She was very accurate in her reading of my past situation without me giving it away and I came away hopeful about what might be around the corner given my future readings. I found Sarah to be hugely sensitive as to how she communicated the things which arose, down to earth and trustworthy. I would highly recommend seeing Sarah if you are at all interested in having a psychic reading done.” Kate


Distance Reiki Healing

“Although we are in the same town, I have never met Sarah. We had a brief chat over Facebook and requested for a distance Reiki healing. I was quite shocked to read such a detailed report which was surprisingly very accurate. How would someone whom I have never met know my past/present struggles in life. I am so impressed. Never met such an amazing talented/miracle in my life. Thank you Sarah for your time and giving me the most needed boost of positive energy that I needed. I would highly recommend anyone who are going through hard times to definitely get in touch with Sarah.” Annonymous


Reiki Healing

“Whilst in the third trimester of my pregnancy concerns were highlighted in babies growth scans. My babies growth had gone on a downward trajectory. My Doppler was monitored finding the flow through the umbilical artery was low and finding resistance in this flow. I was prepared for premature labour and given steroids to strengthen the babies’ lungs. I then sought Sarah out. I found her presence immediately calming and felt deeply relaxed by the end of the session. When I went for my next hospital appointment the ultra sound showed that inexplicably my babies’ growth had increased significantly and the flow in umbilical artery to my baby was positive rating average on the spectrum. A Radiographer I spoke to said it that once resistance is shown on the Doppler it never usually returns to a normal positive flow. I now have a healthy baby girl for which I would like to express a big thank you to Sarah and can highly recommend her work."



“Sarah made us feel very welcome, both visits to Sarah have been great and spot on. Would recommend to anyone wanting to visit a psychic” Joanne and husband


“Sarah is absolutely amazing! A very talented and gifted psychic medium who has been spot on with everything she has told me in readings. I would highly recommend her.” Sophie


“Sarah has a natural spiritual nature so connects easily with spirit and she has given some incredible readings. Her empathetic personality means that she will always give her absolute best to anyone that sees her because she takes on board all the surrounding emotions and deals with your time together in a sensitive way. Highly recommended. X” Kim


“I got the lovely Sarah to do a reading for my previously sceptical dad!! He soon came over completely calm and amazed at Sarah’s incredible talents and felt instantly at ease during the reading. She delivered some will needed loving messages from my dads mum who passed when he was young. And helped my dad to connect with the mother that he felt such a strong bond. Sarah was brilliant, Calm and makes you feel instantly at ease. Thank you for sharing your gifts! And reconnecting my dad to his loving mother!! I would definitely recommend Sarah! Xx” Lauren W


“I had my first ever one-to-one medium session with Sarah and absolutely loved it! The things she talked about were not what I expected but were so accurate. She really changed the way I think about certain aspects in my everyday life. I’ll definitely be coming back!!! Thank you” Abi


Group Readings

“Sarah came today for my friends birthday and did a 3 hour session with 4 of us, she was amazing made us feel very good and comfortable. Spookily accurate readings… I would highly recommend her… many thanks” Kirsty


Sources and Westbourne Whispers – Sarah Shaw’s Facebook Page

Sarah Shaw - mediumship or psychic consultation and reiki


Sarah is currently on sabbatical and will update her website when she is able to take on new clients, and schedule in future courses.